Utility Locating Services

UES Construction fosters resourcefulness and knowledge, researching the latest engineering processes and always employs the latest advances in technological utility locating equipment.

We offer full-service contract locating, servicing both public and private underground utilities.  We have been serving a continuously growing list of customers with their utility locating needs. Put us to work for you, and you will soon discover that no other company is more accurate, efficient or dependable.

Our Services

Utility Locating

We utilize the top utility locating equipment for any project requiring subsurface utility investigation to identify the subsurface utilities to safely excavate and engineer the utilities for your project.

Training and Safety

All UES employees are trained and certified to use the latest utility locating equipment to ensure they get the job done right.  Their ongoing safety and technical training is based on our refined best practices.


The UES commitment goes beyond what any competitor will offer. We work to make sure your requirements and expectations are met.

We specialize in locating the following:

  • Gas – Oil – Steam
  • Electric
  • Communication 
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Private lines